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frequently Asked Questions

Either me or someone I know is in jail. How do i get me or them out?

There are four ways a person may be released from custody:

-You can use bondsmen or better yet, a bondsWOMAN. (you pay a fee and may need to use some form of collateral).

-You can post cash for the full amount of the bond with the court jail.

-You can use real property (like a house) with the court.

-The judge can let the defendant to go on there own recognizance.

What will happen if I or someone I know misses a court date?

First piece of advice: DON'T!!!! When the defendant misses a court apperance, a bench warrant is issued for an arrest. The defendant's name is entered into NCIC, a nation-wide area database, and the defendant is now listed as a fugitive.  The defendant's Bail Bonds Agency is obligated by law to arrest the individual also.  This causes the bondsmen to incur further costs.

What is collateral?

As the Bonding company we are fronting you the money to get you out of jail. Collateral is property placed within the bondsman's legal control, which may be sold in the next court proceeding.  The bondsman can then sell the property to cover the amount paid to post the bail.  Collateral is how we insure the defendant will go back to court and complete his/her obligation.  

How do i know when the co-signer is no longer liable for the bond?

The co-signer is no longer liable for the defendant/s bond when he/she completes all of their court appearences and all premiums have been paid.  It is best to contact the agent when the bond is exonerated by the court.  This allows the fast return of any collateral pleged and also confirms that the bond is exonerated.  In the event of forfeiture, the bondsmen is liable until the full amount of the bail has been paid, plus any expenses incurred until the court exonerates the bond, which then becomes void.